Sunday, September 7, 2008

Infomercial Scoring - an Industry Standard

Infomercial marketing, an effective form of commercial advertisement, presents a significant amount of factual or manufactured information, film footage, plot or storyline in an attempt to persuade consumers to buy products or services.

Scoring Info-mercials is an ever expanding industry. The demands made on the composer are challenging: The music has to be tightly aligned with the existing film script. Here is an example.

Vincent Russo's composition adheres strictly to the various progressive "chapters/stages" of this 5 minute documentary shoot. The score is designed to subconsciously instill the thrill of curiosity in the viewer, culminating in his/her ultimate desire to purchase the product(s) showcased in the final screens.

The copyright of this film clip resides with Waterford Crystal™ and with D.F. Wilkins, Producer

Commenting on this assignment, Russo said: "I use a theme in the Baroque style to introduce the long-standing tradition, craftsmanship and elegance of Waterford Crystal™. The factory scenes are set in a more contemporary idiom, using instruments often associated with the 'Celtic sound.' These instruments include the Irish whistle and Irish harp, dulcimer, Uillean pipes and the Bodhran (traditional Irish drum). Except for one moment in the score, the music is not overtly Celtic in style, but it is suggestive of it. Waterford Crystal, afterall, is a proud Irish tradition which is reflected in my score."

This video was supplied by the Berklee College of Music for a class assignment.


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